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World Distribution Services - WDS Charleston, South Carolina Warehouse

If your company is in need of warehousing services in Charleston, look no further than World Distribution Services. For years, WDS has been servicing businesses across the country by providing high-quality warehousing resources, logistics solutions, and distribution options on a daily basis.

If your company needs to store or transport goods in the southeast region of the United States, you may be interested in using our warehouse in Charleston, South Carolina. Within this location, we’re proud to offer more than 200,000 square feet of space as well as a large, secure yard for loading and unloading.

And when it comes to warehouse services in Charleston, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your business is getting the most out of our technological offerings, space, and customer service capabilities.

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Specifications for Our Charleston Warehouse

If you’re interested in utilizing our warehousing and distribution resources in Charleston, keep reading to learn more about our facility. We’ve outlined many of its unique features and benefits, such as its location in relation to many freeways, delivery capabilities and more:

  • Warehouse Size: 200,000 Sq. ft.
  • 34 dock doors
  • Large Secure Yard
  • 16 Miles to Columbus Street Terminal
  • 17 Miles to Union Pier
  • ABC / FDA / Hazmat
  • Heavy Lift Capacity: 22 ton Crane
  • Over 35 owner operators dispatched locally
  • Local /Regional / National delivery capabilities
  • Paper clamps / Slip Sheet attachments / Cotton clamps / Carpet Pole / Boom Attachment
  • Fully Sprinklered
  • 2 Oversize doors
  • 8 Miles to N. Charleston Terminal
  • 9 Miles to Wando Terminal
  • FTZ Zone # 21
  • Skidding / Export Crating / Marine Wrapping
  • Flat Racks / Open-Tops
  • Centrally Located by Route 26 & Route 17
  • Overweight Permits
  • Chassis Fleet includes tri-axles & spread axles chassis


WDS Charleston Warehouse Photography

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If you’re looking for a warehousing company in Charleston, you can count on our team at WDS. We’ll walk you through our logistics and distribution options, answer any questions you may have and even make qualified recommendations for our services based on your company’s specific needs.

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When you utilize our Charleston warehousing amenities, we’ll work with you to make sure all of your needs are met. Contact us today to learn more about our facility and logistics resources. We look forward to hearing from you!