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World Distribution Services - Warehouse Network

Warehouse & Logistics Division

John Morrow, Senior Vice President

Dale Young, Director of Warehousing & Distribution

Evan Hartman, Director of Transportation & Brokerage

Jason Strickland, Domestic Procurement Manager

Stephen Meidinger, Logistics Manager


Cincinnati, OH

Sue Nabel, CFS Manager

Cleveland, OH

Jason Zaptocky, Warehouse Supervisor

Columbus, OH

Newark, NJ

Steve Gubitosa, Operations Manager

Norfolk, VA

Mike Rish, Operations Manager

Janine Allen, Customer Service Supervisor

Chad Gray, Warehouse Supervisor (Chesapeake)

Kevin Price, Warehouse Supervisor (Norfolk)

Savannah, GA

Todd Compton, Operations Manager

Jason Stephenson, Warehouse Supervisor 

Mike Clark, Warehouse Supervisor  

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