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World Distribution Services - WDS Newark, New Jersey Warehouse

New Jersey Warehouse Services You Can Depend On

World Distribution Services has numerous locations across the United States, one of which is our warehouse in Newark, New Jersey. This facility is 58,000 square feet and is just minutes away from all major bridges and tunnels in New York, allowing for convenient transportation in the Mid-Atlantic.

For more than 50 years, we’ve been providing customers with the top-notch service they’ve come to expect. This is all thanks to our dedicated, expertly-trained team. The worthwhile warehouse logistics in Newark, New Jersey that we can provide is because of our passion for logistics and distribution.

Read on to learn more information about our company and the Newark-based warehousing services we offer on a daily basis.

Providing Warehouse Logistics in Newark, New Jersey

Our company takes pride in providing businesses of all sizes with creative logistics solutions and services.

With our mission revolving around exceeding the expectations of our customers, we hope to do just that by supplying the following:

1. Warehousing

First and foremost, our services revolve around warehousing in New Jersey. Our employees are dedicated to developing and delivering customized warehousing, distribution and logistics solutions.

Specifically, these services can include, but are not limited to:

  • Sub-assembly
  • Picking/packing
  • Wrapping
  • Reworking
  • Labeling

We always want our customers to be satisfied, so we also have the capabilities to take on custom orders and projects. Our goal is to tailor our services to the needs of each client and provide the best solution available.

2. High-speed Crossdocking

By utilizing high-speed crossdocking within our warehouse in Newark, NJ, we place an emphasis on accountability, verification and information. And in order to continue our track-record of meticulous record-keeping and shipment accuracy, we utilize Logimax.

Logimax is a warehouse management solution software designed to maximize productivity and efficiency within facilities like our New Jersey warehouse.

This software offers the following features that are beneficial to both us and our customers:

  • Inventory accuracy up to 100%
  • Real-time visibility into all warehouse activity
  • Optimized warehouse space utilization
  • Automatic enforcement of item and pallet rules

With Logimax and our crossdocking, customers can also enjoy lower inventory costs and reduced delivery lead times.

3. Nationwide Transportation Services

Within the Mid-Atlantic and the United States as a whole, we offer transportation services to efficiently deliver your company’s valuable equipment. Our fleet of local service trucks as well as our network of trusted service providers will get your equipment to the right place and on time.

The motor carriers we select must also pass our list of requirements, which include:

  • TWIC compliance
  • DOT compliance
  • Hazmat certification
  • FMCSA broker authority and licensing
  • On-time delivery performance

Offering transportation throughout the United States is something we believe adds value to our Newark warehousing and distribution facility. Because transportation is such a significant factor in supply chain, we have continued to make this matter a priority.

4. Heavy Lift and Out-of-Gauge Services

Customers utilizing our warehousing services in Newark, NJ can also rely on our subset of heavy lifting services. Our team of specialists can block, lash and brace your most difficult projects per NCB, IMO and AAR standards.

Depending on the materials being transported and the needs of your company, we can use equipment such as:

  • Large, heavy lift forklifts
  • Loaded lifts
  • Cranes

Your valuable cargo will remain unharmed with the use of our heavy lifting and out-of-gauge services. 

Reach Out to Us for Newark, New Jersey Logistics Information

If your company is interested in learning more about our facility and the services we provide, contact us today. We can answer any questions you may have!

Warehouse Specifications

  • Warehouse Size: 58,000 Sq. ft.
  • 10 dock doors
  • Secure facility – key card access only
  • Secure Yard with over 50 trailer / container parking locations
  • Fully Sprinklered
  • US Customs Bonded
  • Property fully fenced / remotely monitored for burglar & fire
  • USDA / FDA / ABC / Hazmat
  • Oversize door – load / unload inside (14'W X 20' H)
  • Paper clamps / Slip Sheet attachments / Drum Pickers / Cotton clamps / Carpet Pole / Boom Attachment
  • Skidding / Export Crating / Marine Wrapping
  • Flat Racks / Open-Tops / Heavy Lift / Cranes
  • Over 125 owner operators dispatched locally
  • Local /Regional / National delivery capabilities
  • Chassis Fleet includes tri-axles & spread axles chassis
  • Overweight Permits
  • 1 mile to Newark Airport
  • Centrally Located by NJ Turnpike / US Route 95 / NJ Parkway / Rout 78 / Route 1 & 9 / Route 287
  • 4 miles to Maher, APM & PNCT Terminals
  • Minutes to all major bridges & tunnels into NYC – GW Bridge / Lincoln Tunnel / Holland Tunnel /Verrazano Bridge / Tappan Zee Bridge

Contact Information

  • Location: 6 International Way, Newark, NJ 07114
  • Phone Number: 973-339-3200

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