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What is Cross Docking?

Cross-docking is the process of taking incoming freight and loading it directly into outbound trucks with little to no storage in between.  Cross docking is typically used to combine shipments coming in from different origins into trucks or containers with the same or similar destinations.

Cross docking maximizes our customers' supply chain efficiency by speeding the flow of goods to their respective markets. Developments in information systems and software solutions allow for real-time shipment status and up-to-the-minute shipping activity records as part of our cross-docking solutions.

By using cross-docking services, a company can reduce inventory storage costs, decrease risk to product by limiting handling, and increase speed to market.

7 Key Benefits of High-Speed Cross-Docking

1. Reduced Reliance Upon Warehousing – Warehousing isn’t always ideal for various shipping needs. By using cross-docking, a company can reduce the time needed for their shipments and avoid long-term storage, saving money for other operational costs.

2. Increased Shipping Speed – Another benefit of our cross-dock services is being able to get your goods to your customers or to market much faster. This is particularly beneficial for products that are perishable or those that would be categorized as seasonal, as expediency is essential for each.

3. Lower Cost of Labor – By removing long-term warehousing from your supply-chain management needs and instead utilizing a cross-docking service, you’ll, in turn, reduce the cost connected to the unloading, storage, retrieval and reloading of a commodity and you’ll be able to do away with costs for storage maintenance labor.

4. Improved Inventory Management – Utilizing a cross-dock warehouse allows you to reduce the amount of handling your products experience, which in turn can help eliminate the risk of damage to your products. Additionally, overstocking can be reduced by utilizing cross-docking because standing inventory will be less necessary, especially for inventory with less demand.

5. More Available Space – The reduction of standing inventory means you’ll have more room to devote to whatever area of your business is most in need, whether it's adding additional sales space, training areas, managerial space, or engineering and development areas.

6. Receive Real-time Status Updates – One way we stand out from other cross-dock service companies is by providing our clients with real-time shipment statuses and activity records. This not only emphasizes our accountability but gives you peace of mind.

7. Increased Customer Satisfaction – With faster shipping available to customers through the use of cross-docking, and lower logistics costs from less handling and storage that comes along with the process, you’ll be able to provide your customers with a more satisfying experience helping to ensure that they’ll come back to you again and again.

The Cross Docking Advantages You’ll Find at World Distribution Services

When you’re looking for a cross dock warehouse near you, you should choose the services of a company that has many years of experience in supply chain and logistics, like World Distribution Services.

Some of our advantages include:

  • A Widespread Network – Given our many locations throughout the United States, our connections span coast to coast. This can prove to be convenient when customers need to transport items across the country or are in need of customized services.
  • Modern Technology Systems – We know that our customers want their cross docking efforts to be efficient and effective. Therefore, we’ve initiated modern technology to complete tasks such as data entry and inventory control.
  • A Knowledgeable, Dedicated Staff – We’re proud of our employees, who have a range of positions and daily tasks. Each one of them contributes to our regular successes, and are the bread and butter of our company. Specifically, our cross docking experts will work with you to determine the most effective methods for transporting and shipping.

World Distribution Services' cross docking experts focus on the following aspects of our customer service:

  • Accountability – We follow SOPs to ensure shipment accuracy and timeliness
  • Verification – We provide meticulous record-keeping of shipping activity
  • Information Flow – We offer real-time shipment status to keep everyone informed

With World Distribution Services cross docking solutions, our customers can enjoy clear benefits such as the following:

  • Lower inventory costs
  • Reduced delivery lead times
  • Improved customer service
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Cross-Docking Solutions Near The Port of New York and New Jersey

In need of crossdock or transload services near the East Coast's largest container gateway?

Our Newark-area facility is located in Linden, NJ, just a few miles from the the Ports of New York and New Jersey.

This distribution center offers ample space, flexibility, and convenient highway access for efficient cross-dock and transload services, as well as a full suite of customizable warehousing and distribution services.

One of the newest facilities in the tristate area, WDS Linden encompasses 480,000 sq. ft. and boasts 90 dock doors across opposing sides of the building, over 300 trailer spots, and high bay racking with 40 ft. clearance, satisfying the needs of the modern shipper.

Learn more about WDS Linden >>

Cross Docking Logistics Across Many Locations

Unlike some cross docking companies you might find, we have locations that offer our supply chain services across the country, providing maximum convenience and efficiency. These locations are within the following cities:

WDS Cincinnati Warehouse

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As professionals who specialize in cross docking logistics, we’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure your materials are being transported proficiently.

From holding ourselves accountable with shipping methods and times to keeping you updated about shipping statuses and activity, we believe that the cross docking process can be a collaborative one between us and each of our customers.

If you’d like to receive more information about our specific cross docking advantages, simply give us a call at 800-616-6840 or contact us via the form below.  Our team will get in touch with you shortly!