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What Is a Container Freight Station (CFS)?
September 12, 2018

Are you in the intermodal transportation industry and are interested in learning more about container freight stations? Keep on reading to discover some key insights.

CFS – The Core Aspects You Need to Know

  • A CFS is a special warehouse where cargo is consolidated or deconsolidated and then staged for the next transport leg by a group of transportation professionals
  • There are two types of container freight stations – origin and destination CFS
  • Origin CFS denotes the facility where the freight shipments are originally consolidated. The shipments then travel to a destination CFS
  • At a destination CFS, the imported freight is devanned from the container and then packaged for its next round of transport to the end client domestically
  • Exported LCL (less than container load) freight is packaged and consolidated into containers for FCL (full container load) shipment, and then the full containers are trucked to port for export
  • A CFS is commonly located near oceans, lakes, ports, major highways, and airports, allowing for different means of cargo travel

WDS Has 3 Great Container Freight Stations in Ohio!

We are happy to offer container freight stations throughout Ohio, conveniently located in the major population centers of:

Who Is WDS?

World Distribution Services has recently moved from Cleveland to a new headquarters in Columbus, Ohio and operates a variety of facilities in major cities from coast to coast.

On top of having CFS capabilities, we are also experts in warehousing, distribution, local and nationwide transportation, and out-of-gauge services.

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